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Sunflower Sea Star

Pycnopodia Helianthoides

One of the most common Sea Stars you will see while diving in Puget Sound is the "Sunflower Star".  This scavenger grows to a diameter of 36" and is a favorite food for crabs.  They can be found in a wide variety of colors.


Rainbow Sea Star

Orthasterias Koehleri


Another common sight is the "Rainbow Star", often found clinging to rocks encrusted with Hydrocoral and Sponges.  This star grows to 18" in size and commonly eats Mollusks.

Soft Spined Sea Star

Pisaster Brevispinus

Another very common sight is the "short spined sea star".  This star is very soft to the touch and grows to a size of 24" while dining on clams, snails and sand dollars.


Cushion Sea Star  

Pteraster Tesselatus

Feeding primarily on sponges, cushion ( or "pin" cushions as I like to call them ) are often found in the same range as sponges.  Generally deeper.  They are fond of "cloud" sponges.