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The Wheeler Wreck

Wood spoked steering wheel in the wreck of the wheelerThe Wheeler is a 40 foot long wood-hulled work boat that sank in the Southern part of Lake Washington.  The vessel is largely intact (including the registration numbers) and the wheelhouse has a very nice wood spoke wheel, brass compass and interesting engine controls.  Most of the glass panels are still place around the split-level cabin.  The bulwarks and grab rails are beautiful and the shallower depth of the wreck make it one of the most picturesque wrecks in Lake Washington.

On top of the cabin is a nice mast, with navigation lights, and the steering quadrant is clearly visible where the aft deck has been displaced.  The large forward cabin area contains a nice kitchen and the vessel's large diesel engine. 

The wheeler was discovered by Shaun Gardner and Ben Griner on March 8th, 2009 during an exploration dive in 110 feet of water, not far from the wreck of the Hauler.  Hopefully, the compass and wheel will stay in place for a long time, so many divers are able to enjoy this amazing wreck!

Crew Cabin on the Wreck of the Wheeler Mast and Navigation Lights of the Wheeler
Compass and Engine Controls Steering Quadrant of the Wheeler