Wreck of the F/V Skookum

Diesel Engine of the F/V SkookumThe Fishing Vessel Skookum is a 45' fiberglass hulled commercial fisher that sank in Seabeck Bay during a huge winter storm on December 18, 1990.  The high winds, high tides and waves also destroyed the Seabeck Marina (buckling several docks) and sank dozens of other boats.   Most of those boats were salvaged or removed, but the Skookum remains as a reminder to that ferocious storm and makes a very pleasant dive site.

The wreck attracts a lot of rock fish and ling cod, which are attracted to the structure of the otherwise featureless muddy bottom.  The paravane frames (for the roll stablizers) instantly identify the wreck as a commercial fishing vessel as well as the diesel engine and large fish hold.   The propeller and rudder are still in place and the wreck is scattered with sheaves and commercial fishing gear.

The Skookum makes a great second dive (for a change of pace) after visiting other Hood Canal dive sites such as the Pinnacle or Flagpole Point.  It is shallow, mostly current free and well protected from all but northern winds.  


Wreck of the F/V Skookum in Seabeck