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The Wreck of the Herron

The Herron is a thirty-five foot long Oyster boat that sank in Case Inlet.  The impressive diesel engine on this wreck makes this an interesting dive.  It appears as though the rocker arms are exposed on top of the engine and a couple of large disc valves and odd plumbing make you wonder what this boat was doing when it sank.

The steering gear is impressive and there are a few oddities off the front of the wreck (like the rather large fire extinguisher) that seem to be surviving in the salt water quite well. 

As a bonus, when finished with your dive on the Herron, swim north about 60' and you'll find an old working skiff that is mostly transom and old steel drums.   From the skiff, swim NNW and you'll find an old wood barge laying scattered across the bottom that is providing a home for a fascinating array of critters.

This is an easy dive and with the two bonus wrecks it will keep even the most avid wreck hunter busy for up to an hour.  How often do you get to dive three wrecks on one dive?