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Gedney Island (Hat) Barges

Gedney Island (aka Hat Island) is a private islandGedney Island Barges, aka Hat Island Barges. located just south of Camano Island between Everett and Whidbey Island.   The island's official charted name of "Gedney" was given to it by the Wilkes Expedition, but the locals prefer to call the island "Hat" (a localized slang name).

Just outside the entrance to the Gedney Island Marina lies three rather large barges at depths from about forty feet to down past one hundred feet deep.  They make a very interesting dive, with lots of life hiding among the scattered wreckage of the barges.

The first barge sank with a full load of gravel in the 1970's, while working on the break water to the marina.  Since then, two more barges were added to the site.   The northern barge is in the best shape, and is the deeper of the three barges ( ~ 90' deep).   It is also right out in front of the entrance to the marina.  

The best way to dive this site, is to anchor south of the barges in about 35 feet of water, and then head north along the 40 foot depth contour and you'll run into them.  Be sure not to surface directly from the northern barge.   There is a lot of boat traffic overhead, including the Hat Island Ferry.  Always swim south before heading upslope when surfacing from this awesome dive just outside of Everett.


Location:  four miles west of Everett.                     Wreck Location
Depth:  40-110'      Hazards:  Lots of boat traffic from the marina, fishing line.