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The Boss Wreck

Lying on a shallow, muddy bottom in Blakely Harbor lies a pair of wrecks, Metridium Anemones growing on the wreck of The Bossknown locally as "The Boss".   The Boss itself is about 70 feet long, lying with a slight port list in about 50 feet of water.  The bow of the vessel still points directly east to Seattle, which is only six miles away.  Much of the wreck still stands proud of the bottom, including a large bow, standing nearly ten feet high.   

The middle of the wreck has collapsed, where another vessel was sunk on top of the Boss.  This 30 foot utility vessel, is a recent addition to the site.  The engine, gauges and many artifacts are still in place.  The boat is pointed South, and is sitting right on top of the boss.  The decks are only 35-40' deep.

The site offers good anchorage in the mud, and the boats are very easy to pick up on a fish finder, with 10-15 feet of vertical rise from the bottom to the top of the wrecks.  We typically launch at Manchester when visiting this wreck site, but the Alki boat ramp is only 5 miles due east of this site as well.

This is a very pleasant dive site.  Almost no current, and well protected from a South wind (although a bit choppy when the wind comes out of the North).  We saw lots of huge ling cod, the usual assortment of rockfish as well Stern and Rudder from the small boat on top of The Bossas a wide variety of crabs and nudibranchs.  Huge, healthy metridium anemones grow all over this wreck, which has obviously been down for quite a while.

There are toilets and sinks left on both vessels, and the rudder is still in place on the smaller boat, along with the battery, fuel pump and most of the steering assembly.

This site makes an excellent second dive to many of the sites in and around Blakely Harbor.  On our last dive at this site, the "Aluminator" had a buoy attached to the wreck.

GPS location of the wreck of The Boss:
Latitude:  47  35.465' N
Longitude:  122  29.766' W