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Cave Diving Photos from Tam Hol Cenote

Tam Hol Cenote, which is part of the Tux Kapaxa system, is located near Chemuyil Mexico.   The beautiful and delicate white formations in this underwater cave system are some of the most beautiful in the entire world.  Close inspection reveals intricate detail and stunningly fine shaped speleothems. 

Rogelio Mier Ortega in Tam Hol. Sidelighting delicate formations in Tam Hol. Tam Hol Cenote Rogelio Mier Ortega, Tam Hol Cenote Very Delicate formations from the Tux Kapaxa system.  Beautiful Formation near Tam Hol Cenote Delicate Soda Straws, Stalagtites and Stalagmites from Tux Kapaxa  Sidemount Cave Diver in Tux Kapaxa Sidemount Cave Diver near Tam Hol Cenote Beautiful Speleothems from Tux Kapaxa Tam Hol Cenote, Tux Kapaxa system Rogelio Ortega Mier, Tam Hol

 Underwater Cave Pictures from Tam Hol, part of the Tux Kapaxa cave system near Cheymuyil Mexico.