Wolf Eel Sea Lemon Nudibranch

Boyd's Boulders

Boydski's Boulders are a pair of giant rocks hiding just below the surface of Hood Canal.  The top of these massive boulders lie a mere twenty feet below the surface while the craggy faces drop away to the base at about 50 feet of depth.  The rocks are covered with all kinds of interesting critters and the deep channels around and between the rocks provide intriguing swim-throughs and crevices for divers to explore.

There are many smaller rocks surrounding the giant pair that hide wolf eels and octopus.  You will also find a wall that rises all the way to the surface of the Canal.  The bottom area below the boulders slopes away to a large bottle field amongst the sea whips at about 100 feet of water depth.   Another BFR can be found in 125 feet of water to the northeast of the big boys, for those seeking more adventure.


Every time we dive this site we always find a lot of uncommon critters.  On our last dive, we observed hundreds of snake pricklebacks congregating below the boulders and then a bunch of very large scaled crab kept us amused at our safety stop. 

This dive site is well protected from southerly or southwesterly winds and makes a great second dive after diving nearby Rosie's Ravine or Fulton Creek Wall.  I'll bet if you asked Don Coleman (Pacific Adventure) nicely, he'd take you to see Boydski's Boulders and you'd have a wonderful day of diving on Hood Canal.


Location:   North of McDaniel Cove, Hood Canal                   MAP
Depth:  25-100'               Hazards:  Jellyfish, fishing boats.