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Maury Island Barges 

The Maury Island Barges are a really pleasant dive site located along the east side of Maury Island (which is attached to Vashon Island).  This boat dive is the site of a gravel mine and quite a bit of controversy over expanding the docks and gravel operations there to build the third runway at Sea-Tac airport.  The mining contractor promises to save the barges for divers, but the island residents just do not want the extra traffic and noise.

For divers, this makes a nice second dive after diving KVI tower, which is just around the corner.  The pilings are covered with marine life, and there are 3 large barges in various stages of decay that are lined up just east of the southern half of the pilings.    There is also a 38' pleasure craft sunk just to the North of the Barges.

Tie up to the dolphins (cluster of pilings) just south of the old gravel conveyor  and drop down into the 35' deep water.  The three barges run at about 40'-60' depth, where they sank while moored to the dolphins. There is also a small boat sunk just to the North of the barges that is at about the same depth.  GPS coordinates are  ( 4721.76' N  12226.415' W ).  A crude map of the dive site can be found here.

I prefer this site in the fall and winter when the visibility is just spectacular.  In the summer, this site usually is too shallow for good viz.  The easiest way to find this site is to look for the large conveyor dock along the east side of Maury Island, and the old quarry.

Bandito Charters visits this site frequently.  Rick runs an excellent and safe operation and is a great way to see this dive site in Puget Sound.

I went to this site with a group of friends in an Underwater Photography Class one time and managed to take over 200 pictures!  Can you say numb fingers?



Location:   GPS coordinates   47 21.76' N   122  26.415' W    MAP
Depth:  35 - 65'      Hazards:   Charter Boat traffic and the crazy guy that lives on the Cactus.