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Anna Foss Tug

Nestled  in a quiet cove along the west side of Vashon Island, Mosshead Warbonnet peering out from beneath the wreck.just north of Sandford Point lies the remains of the Anna Foss Tug.  The wreck had once been visible at extremely low tides, and is still visible when peering down from the surface, even in moderate visibility. 

The tug was built in 1907 as a steam tug and was originally named the “Vigilant” by the Wallace Tugboat Company of Tacoma.  After going through several owners, she was converted to diesel power by Cascade Tug and then purchased through bankruptcy in 1933 by Foss Towing and renamed the Anna Foss.  After 35 years of faithful service, she was sold and anchored at her present location for conversion.

The Anna Foss sank on September 16, 1969 due to general neglect and is rapidly deteriorating.  The 300 HP enterprise engine and several salvage pontoons can still be seen around the wreckage.  With a depth of only 25’ and a site that is well protected from current.  This makes a nice second dive after Sunrise or Dalco Wall.  There is a lot of boat traffic in Colvos passage, so be sure to display a dive flag.  Also be sure to check the areas below the disintegrating hull, which often house mosshead warbonnets, gunnels, helment crabs and other remarkable creatures.

More information about the wreck of the Anna Foss tug can be found in Northwest Wreck Dives.

Location:   GPS coordinates   47° 24.177' N   122°  31.448' W    MAP
Depth:  20 - 30'      Hazards:  Boat traffic, Jellyfish.