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Are you looking for some good Dive Books to read?  While Dirk Pitt's adventures always keep me entertained during those long flights to the tropics, here is a short list of books about diving that I HIGHLY Recommend:

The Last Dive, by Bernie Chowdhury.  This is really an amazing book.  I read it twice, and I've talked most of my friends into reading it.  It will change the way you think about diving.  I HIGHLY recommend that you read this book, it will really make you think.

Deep Descent, by Kevin F McMurray.  This is another great book about diving the Andrea Doria.  I gives a comparative look at the 2 boats diving the wreck and the many deaths that have occurred there.  I thoroughly enjoyed the book!

NorthWest Shore Dives, by Stephen Fishnaller, third edition.  If you dive in the Pacific Northwest, this is the "bible", it is often difficult to get at, but most local dive shops carry it.

The Cave Divers, by Robert Burgess (these guys are nuts, and the history is amazing)!

The Fireside Diver, by Bonnie Cardonne



Or, for the aspiring Underwater Photographer, there are a couple of excellent books:

Digital Imaging for the Underwater Photographer, a must have if you are a Photoshop user working with digital Underwater Images.

Jim Church's essential guide to the Nikonos system, for you Nikon fans!