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Emerald Sea Photography

About Scott Boyd

Scott first became enamored with a camera at a young 12 years of age.   This quickly developed into a life long passion, that included darkrooms, enlargers and a wide assortment of cameras and lenses.  During his college years, he ran the university dark room and made extra money shooting weddings to help pay for tuition.

After college, all of those wonderful cameras were stolen and Scott ran off to the oilfield to seek his fortune.  It took him fourteen years to come to his senses and return full time to the Pacific Northwest.  There, he took up scuba diving and quickly became hooked on the amazing world that lurks below the surface of the water.

Trying to convey to friends and family the wonders of the deep was very difficult to describe without pictures.  Thus began a quest to capture some of the beauty observed under our Emerald Seas.  The digital photography revolution happened about the same time and the marriage of digital capture with the world's best diving locations produced many of the stunning images that are found on this site.

Scott continues to explore our liquid world, venturing into deeper and darker places in search of that ever illusive image.  This has lead him far back into underwater cave systems and deep into cold water wrecks to capture the astonishing beauty that mother nature hides beneath the sea.

More information about Scott Boyd can be found on the archived Boating Blog at

About the Web Site

The web site itself made it's way to the the World Wide Web in August, 1998When the site first went online, it had only half a dozen pictures and just a few pages. At last count, there are about 700 pages on the site and more than 3000 pictures.   Since the site started, sections on Underwater Photography and  Scuba Diving were added.  As the site grew, it became difficult to navigate, so a search engine was added (which I use a lot to find lost files).  The site currently serves about 600 visitors a day.  Most are looking for information on diving or Underwater Photography.

In December of 2006, the server that hosts this site was upgraded, which broke all of the site navigation.  This forced us to completely revamp the site, so I took the opportunity to do a complete re-design.  I hope you like the new look and feel.  Your questions and comments are always welcome.

I hope to see you out on (or better yet under) the water soon!

Scott Boyd  (Boydski)

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