Underwater Photography by Scott Boyd

 The cold dark waters of the Pacific Northwest provide a location for stunning Underwater Photography.  The lack of surface light and our rich "pea soup" make for challenging dive conditions, but the amazing creatures that lurk beneath our waters are truly extraordinary.  Photos of many of those astonishing creatures can be found throughout the site.   

Scott's favorite images include those from trips photographing the remarkable Underwater Caves of the Riviera Maya as well as our second adventure to the spectacular Galapagos Islands.  Photo Galleries are available from many other  diving destinations from around the world, including our most recent trip to Browning Pass in British Columbia (please click on the galleries link).

I hope you enjoy the site.

Recent News

There is a lot of information about Wreck Diving in Puget Sound on our Wreck Diving Page.  Searching for wrecks turned into a much bigger project than was initially anticipated.  We had so much fun and success in finding and diving our local wrecks that we decided to publish a book about them titled "Northwest Wreck Dives."   New Wreck Positions have recently been added to the wreck diving page (11/18/20).

If you are looking for information about our previous boats you can find them on our old blogs at Grand Banks 39 blog or at Nordhavn 47 blog.

Last Words

If you do find yourself lost on our site, try our Google search engine it is very easy to use (I use it all the time).   The majority of the pictures on this site are clickable links that will take you to a larger version of the same picture, so if you see something you like, just click on the picture for a more "detailed" view.

Scott Boyd  (Boydski)