Browning Pass Underwater Photo Gallery

Pictures from our October 2011 trip to Browning Pass, North Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada.  The diving in Browning Pass and at Nakwatko Rapids is some of the most incredible I have ever seen.  The colorful soft corals, sponges and vertical walls will amaze even the most jaded Underwater Photographer.  This area should be on your bucket list!   Please click on any photo to see a larger version
Soft Corals on Browning Wall. Bric Martin explores Browning Pass Wall Kelp Greenling surveys the soft corals on Browning Wall. Kelp Greenling and Sponge. Soft Corals on Browning Wall. Ling Cod on the wreck of the SS Themis. Fish nets on the wreck of the SS Themis.  Boiler of the SS Themis.   Crimson Anemone and Soft Corals. Purple Urchin and Soft Corals. Colorful Sponges and Corals on Browning Wall. Giant Pacific Octopus hides in Crimson Anemones. Puget Sound King Crab. Nakwakto Gooseneck Barnacles, Tremble Rock, Nakwakto Rapids.  Tube Worms and Sponges underwater at Tremble Rock.    Mother and calf Orca, Queen Charlette Strait  Ling Cod Browning Wall Structure, Bric Martin

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