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Decorated Warbonnet
Grunt Sculpin
Sailfin Sculpin
Sturgeon Poacher
Wolf Eels
Sund Rock
Puget Sound
Sea Stars

Puget Sound is full of friendly and colorful fish.  Here are a few pictures of the more common species that you will encounter on almost every dive in our lush emerald waters.  

Puget Sound Fish Photos

Click on the thumbnail images for a larger picture.

Grunt Sculpin Photo
Decorated Warbonnet Grunt Sculpin
Blackeye Goby Ratfish
Vermillion Rockfish Photo
Painted Greenling Vermillion Rockfish
Sailfin Sculpin Red Irish Lord
Mosshead Warbonnet Longfin Sculpin
Kelp Greenling ( female ) Copper Rockfish
Pygmy Poacher Scalyhead Sculpin
Crescent Gunnel Wolf Eel
Sturgeon Poacher Photo Pacific Snake Prickleback
Sturgeon Poacher Snake Prickleback

If you are trying to identify an unknown critter, take a look at the Northwest Diver Creature Feature.  Several of my photos are published as part of this database of Northwest Creatures.